Drew Barrymore's Flower Kids Line

Friday, October 25, 2019

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Drew Barrymore has a really cute new line for kids' rooms - bedding, artwork, storage and more! (She also has a regular home line with amazing-looking furniture, see it here.) For Chase's room we picked the sunny alligator bedding set, stuffed alligator, (or, he has named ours, "Mrs. Crockingsworth") and Lab Equipment artwork.

Other bedding sets and framed artwork (I like the science-y ones) available too! The bedding sets have lovely packaging and the comforter is thick and warm.

Here's the Lab Equipment artwork that Chase picked out! Now he'll know what an Erlenmyer Flask is.

If you need pretty, coordinated shelves/storage, check these out also. I'm considering the storage alligator or shelf alligator to match!

You can shop Chase's bedroom look by using the little pics below!

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