Deck Makeover (DIY) with Interlocking Teak Tiles

Monday, August 24, 2020

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We've always liked the pretty, open space on our covered side deck. But... something was missing. It had a not-very-attractive cement floor. Painting it wouldn't have been enough, covering with rugs didn't work (uneven shape due to the columns and chimney that cut in.) I consulted a professional and found out that building a regular wooden deck wouldn't be allowed either (something about the building codes and the deck having to be a certain amount lower than the doorway.) 

I found what I think is the perfect solution though – interlocking teak tiles! They snap into place and then, if needed, can be removed. (Note, it's a lot of work to remove a large number of them, so we plan on just leaving them out there for the Winter.) I installed them all myself. I only needed basic tools and a jig saw, to cut the partial tiles around the columns. (If your deck is an even shape, you may not need one.) 

Patio furniture is from the Torrey Collection at Pottery Barn. Love the removeable, washable cushion covers. The chairs spin around (fun for kids and adults.) Coffee table is the Abbott here.  Sunbrella outdoor cushions (turquoise) are here - SO comfy to lie on! Rug is from Serena and Lilly (pricey but fantastic quality, it is reversible and you can hose it down in the driveway when it gets dirty.) For a more budget-friendly rug with the same look, try this one. It's also in stock here. (There's a grey option.)  

Portable fire pit is a Solo Stove, which can easily be moved from place to place. We love it for a nice, hot fire for roasting hotdogs or marshmallows! Patio dining set is from Amazonia. Unfortunately the exact set is not in stock now but you can find others from the same line here. We love that the teak of the table goes nicely with the teak deck tiles! 

I got these pretty planters for the deck on Amazon. And check out some of my other planter pics here! 

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