Ikea Kura bed makeover with chalkboard paint

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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A unique bunk bed that cost only about $150. First bought an Ikea Kura bed off craigslist for $125. Bought painting supplies for about $25. Disassembled, then painted the frame with white paint. Painted side panels with chalkboard paint (leaving the other side the original white) so that the boys could color on them. Used stencils to chalk their names on the side of the bed.

You may want to replace the side panels with actual wood (as opposed to particle board). You can get pieces cut to the right size at Home Depot - they are extremely inexpensive. Solid wood stands up to wear and feels nicer than the particle board. We only replaced one of the side panels, which is the big one with the boys' names on it. The others are still the original particle board which came with the bed.

You can purchase stencils to chalk your kids' names on the bed at an arts/craft supply store. For a nice, inexpensive but brightly colored chalk, this 64 piece set is cheap and beautiful. If you want your lettering to be unique you can also custom-make it with a silhouette die cut machine. I LOVE my silhouette machine! Designers and scrapbook-makers use them to cut out any shape they want to, from paper, card stock, vinyl, T-shirt transfer material, etc... I can use it to make stencils in any font that I choose, in any size up to 12 inches high. The machine is particularly useful when used with design software such as Adobe Illustrator, but it comes with its own software, which I've heard is great too!

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