Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper (Kids' Project)

Monday, February 13, 2017

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Here's a quick project you can do with the kids. I love hand made wrapping paper! Fun for Valentine's day, birthdays, Christmas, or any other time you want to make a special gift for someone (just vary the theme/shape). Here's what you need:

Brown Kraft paper (if you have none, the insides of brown paper bags work)
Apples or potatoes. Preferably potatoes. It's too tempting to eat the apples!
Knife for cutting out stamps
Tube Water color paints
thick paint brush or sponge brush
Brown twine (string)

First, cut out whatever shape you want from your potato. Spread out some water color and mix in some water on a piece of scrap paper. You want it pretty thick. Paint it onto your potato stamp with your brush. Test out the consistency before stamping on your wrapping paper piece. We alternated two shades of red - a true, brighter red and a more burgundy shade, and I thought the variety looked nice.

Tell kids to try and leave an even amount of space between stamps. After every two or three impressions, dip your stampers into the paint again. Allow ample time to dry completely.