About Me

I'm Sarah. I was a graphic designer before I started running Sample Sale Mom full time. Check out our Facebook group, we have 118,000 members!!! I write/post about clothing brands, and my husband works in fashion too - he's a Director of Planning at Rue La LaSo we spend a lot of time talking about shopping! I started the Sample Sale Mom website back in 2011. 

In my spare time I run some local BST (buy sell trade) groups, and I enjoy biking with my family, traveling, avoiding stepping on the enormous number of Legos in the house, catching creepy-crawly critters with the boys, and photography. We have a Pharaoh Hound named Felix, who thinks he is human. Photos of our family by the very talented Kristin Chalmers.


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    February 21 22 23 The Shops at Wisconsin Place Bethesda Maryland and
    February 28 29 .. 67 Kemble Street Boston AT CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS
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