Workout-wear for Less with eBay! (Brooks Sneakers and Lululemon)

Thursday, June 27, 2019

This post was sponsored by eBay and contains affiliate links (I will receive a percentage of commission if you make a purchase through one of my links.) 

Last November I realized I needed to make a positive change and get more active. I had read an article about how bad having a sedentary lifestyle is for your health and it scared me... so I started running again. I used to run in my twenties but I had abandoned it since the kids were born. This turned out to be such a huge improvement for me - I have much more energy, fewer aches and pains. I look better and I feel so much better! One great thing about running is that it's very inexpensive - it just requires an investment of time, some workout clothing and a good pair of running shoes.

I was excited to partner with eBay this month to tell you guys about how to get some amazing workout clothes for a fraction of the original prices. eBay is a great place to grab any shoes you missed out on from a previous season (for less!) Often you can get current line shoes for a steal too, especially pre-owned. (The pair I bought looked barely worn. I threw them into the wash when I got them to be safe - Brooks can go through the washing machine, then air dry them!)

I got a pair of my favorite Brooks running shoes (Ghost) for more than 60% off what I paid for my last (full price) pair. And... eBay has tons of Lululemon(!!!) Don't want to pay $100 for leggings? No problem! I bought 5 pieces total and most were under $20 each. The tank I'm wearing in the pics is here – it's gorgeous and high quality as you'd expect.

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