Recent Home Finds (Rae Dunn)

Monday, May 13, 2019

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I got a couple of deliveries this week that I especially liked (and Felix did too, as you can see!) I just found out that TJ Maxx carries Rae Dunn home decor items for less! This is great but... unfortunately you cannot search by brand name on the site, they don't come up. So you have to hunt. I'll link to a bunch here to make it easier though, plus the other items pictured!

Shown in pic above:
1.) Bonsai Tree (from Amazon, this one is also cute and on sale too.)
2.) Sand + Fog candle
3.) Pet bowl sets - Lots of new designs added here! (Not searchable so look through.) 'Nosh' is here. And 'Tasty' is here. 

Unfortunately the Thrive Pot and Rae Dunn notebook pictured above are currently sold out. Want more? See below...

1.) Relax blanket
2.) Family pillow
3.) Spread cheese board
4.) Bon Appetite tray
5.) Share baker
6.) 'Cake' baker here (not shown.)
7.) Homemade cake stand
8.) Love pillow
9.) Gardening tools
10.) Stay awhile pillow
11.) Nosh Nosh pet dishes
12.) Today pillow
13.) Jars here and here and also here.
14.) Various plates here and here and here

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